Dash: Docs at your fingertips

As a full-stack developer, I use many different technologies at once. I spend a lot of time reading API documentation to learn about features of languages or frameworks.

I've also noticed a lot of developers engage in an endless pursuit to streamline the development workflow. We adopt tools that allow us to be more efficient in our everyday tasks.

Lately, I've discovered a tool called Dash. It's an API documentation browser that locally stores entire documentation sets for over 150 languages and frameworks. You choose which docsets to download, and it stores and keeps them up to date.

I use this tool almost daily. It runs as a native app on my Mac, and I have it set up to show the app when I press + Shift + Space, allowing me quick access to search for a method or property that has slipped my mind.

You can try the app for free, but it has built-in limits until you purchase the full version. I saw the value and I paid for it shortly after I started using it. I haven't looked back since.

Check it out!