Ruby Wrapper For SmarterU API

I just released a Ruby wrapper for the SmarterU API recently used on an EyeCue Rails project, which allows the performance of operations within a SmarterU account. This library constructs the XML post request with credentials and your JSON input parameters, makes an API call and returns a JSON after parsing the XML response.

SmarterU is an online training platform with a bunch of learning management features; from e-learning course creator to SCORM compliance to executive dashboards and reporting.

Basic Ruby Library Usage

API wrapper can be used from the command line or as part of some Ruby web framework. First install the gem:

gem install smarteru

Instantiate a client with your SmarterU credentials. You can get it here

require 'smarteru'
client = "ACCOUNT_API_KEY", user_api_key: "USER_API_KEY")

Make API calls. You can find a list of API endpoints here

response = client.request('getGroup', {group: {name: 'MyGroup'}})
response.result =>
    group: {
      name: "MyGroup",
      group_id: nil,
      created_date: "2015-01-22 23:42:55.553",
      modified_date: "2015-01-23 01:25:02.013",
      description: {
        p: "Group Description ..."
      home_group_message: {
        p: "Welcome to The Group"
      notification_emails: nil,
      user_count: "2",
      learning_module_count: "2",
      tags: nil,
      status: "Active"


bundle install

Available here and on