Office Kitchen Survival Guide: Basic Ramen Hack

So it's lunch time. There's all sorts of food in the office but really nothing that looks too interesting. When you want to have gourmet experience without breaking the bank, what can you do? Fret not, here's EyeCue's first guide to an office lunch hack using ingredients that can easily be found around the office.

step 1

Assemble the 4 basic ingredients: hummus, lunch chicken/turkey/ham slices, one egg, and any random cheap instant ramen. Pro tip: avoid using ramen that comes with a cup or a bowl.

step 2

Unload ONLY HALF the flavor packet and all of the ramen into a bowl. Fill the bowl with water to the desired level and add one spoonful of hummus. Hummus will thicken up the stock and turn a thin, watery soup in to a thick, umami broth.

step 3

Add egg. Trust me, you've got to add an egg.

[step 4

Time to cook the egg. I personally like my yoke to be a bit runny, and that comes out to be 2 minutes in our microwave.

step 5

The bowl is HOT! Be careful when you take it out. Now we add the meat slices into the mix. Use the other half of the flavor packet to adjust to your taste.

optional step

The last step is optional: if you have Sriracha sauce available, it's a great way to enhance your experience. And voila, you are ready to become the envy of your office.

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